Kyler Fisher // Artist Bio

As a singer, songwriter, actor, producer and YouTube star, Kyler Fisher’s fulfillment in life could easily be found in his creative pursuits. But being a family man has always ranked highest for the Boise, Idaho native. He learned firsthand the importance of family from his beloved father who set a lasting example of finding the tricky balance between work and home life. Finding that balance in his own life is what drives Fisher. His well-practiced goal is to be the best husband and father he can be while also creating art that showcases his focus – faith and family.

“I feel this responsibility to live a life like my dad lived,” Fisher shares. “He was very diligent and trustworthy and loyal. He was a very good man. I want to retain his legacy and be the kind of dad he was for me.”

With his wife Madison and their adorable children (twin daughters Taytum and Oakley, daughter Halston and son Oliver), Fisher’s role as a full-time family man has garnered a worldwide audience through the family’s popular YouTube channel, The Fishfam. The channel boasts over four million subscribers with loyal fans clamoring for the Fisher’s slice-of-life videos and positive outlook.

“All I want to focus on is my family,” says Fisher. “For the most part it’s just us, just our family and interaction with our kids. It gets stressful at times, but we love what we do. It’s given us wings to fly in other areas.”

One of those areas is Fisher’s lifelong love of country music. As a kid in Idaho, Fisher learned to sing and play guitar while listening to his favorite artists. “Country music is a passion of mine,” he says. “It tells the best and most meaningful stories.” As an adult, he’s poured that childhood passion into songs like “Stay at Home” and “Room to Breathe,” celebrating setting aside the busyness of life and focusing on what matters, time with the ones he loves the most.

His newest single, “A Little Like Me,” is a heartwarming love letter to his newborn son. It’s a tender wish-list for the good things in life, a hope that he’ll be able to pass on some of the best parts of himself. Overflowing with devotion and a pre-forged father-son bond, “A Little Like Me” is as relatable as it is sing-able, a song meant to be cherished. For most new artists, building a name and a platform is the most challenging part of breaking out. For Kyler Fisher, his elevated platform has given him the freedom to create the songs closest to his heart, songs with sincerity to spare that the whole family can adopt as their own.

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