“Time allegedly heals all wounds, right? What about a wound inflicted by time itself? How am I supposed to heal from that?”

It’s the first day of senior year and Brolly J. Parker is running late. When a storm knocks the power out, she finds an old umbrella in her mom’s closet. But when she opens the umbrella, Brolly is thrown through time, landing on the shore of a lakeside French castle in the year 1826. With the umbrella lost and no way for her to get home, Brolly does her best to adjust to 19th century life, including spending time with the castle’s enigmatic Lord Westbourne. She desperately misses her family, her best friends and her budding relationship, but can’t deny her growing feelings for the confounding but kind Lord Westbourne. After opening her heart, and on the brink of starting a new life in a new time, Brolly finally finds the long missing umbrella. It’s then she’s faced with an impossible choice – stay with the person she loves or go back to her own time and a life without him.

JoAnna Illingworth became obsessed with the romantic side of time travel the first time she watched Richard Collier risk everything to meet Elise McKenna in Somewhere In Time. Thankfully, her debut novel has a much happier ending. She lives in Nashville’s suburbia with her very funny husband, even funnier two boys and very, very bad dog.

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