Anthem Lights // Artist Bio

Anthem Lights // Artist Bio

At the heart of most success stories lies a framework of brand invention, the creation of a persona or x-factor that raises an artist above the noise. But for pop vocal group Anthem Lights, it’s reinvention that’s catapulted the talented foursome to over 147 million YouTube views and 1.4 million monthly listeners on streaming services. The indie group’s success is due in large part to the foursome’s vocal prowess (Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, Spencer Kane and Joey Stamper are all exceptional singers), creative mash-ups and reinventions of pop hits and beloved hymns.

“I think the most unique thing about us is that we do all kinds of music,” shares Graham. “We do everything from a hymns medley to a Drake cover to a year-end mash-up. Our musical diversity is our identity.”

Anthem Lights maintains a large digital presence, primarily reaching their audience via video and streaming, without relying on the traditional arms of radio and touring. Instead, they work with a team they’ve personally assembled to write, produce, record and direct, making it easier to put out more content more often.

“We’re all over the place,” says Grimm. “We’re a pop group that reimagines other people’s songs and creates unique arrangements. We also compose our own songs. We kind of run the gamut. And we never record a cover song without also creating a video.”

While fans of most pop groups have to wait up to two years for new content from their favorite artists, Anthem Lights produces a wide variety of new covers, original songs and video content every month, a perfected mix that keeps their fans engaged.

“We made a vow a long time ago to be the most consumer-oriented band in the music industry,” says Grimm. “Our fans, who have named themselves ‘Lightbulbs,’ are rabid and passionate for all things Anthem Lights. They are the reason we’re able to continue making music so prolifically.”

The group’s video content isn’t flashy. You won’t see high-priced sets with a complicated storyline and multiple costume changes. What you will see are clean, stylized shots of the guys singing their hits in front of a simple backdrop, focusing on the strength of their harmonies and the familiarity of the songs. It’s a formula that works, most videos boasting over one million views and a flood of positive comments.

While their focus remains digital, connecting daily with their 1.3 million Facebook fans, the group does perform live when the right opportunity arises, sharing the stage with Natalie Grant, Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman and more.

With soaring harmonies, reinvention of hit songs and focused fan interaction, Anthem Lights has quickly become the go-to group for music fans of all ages.

More info HERE.

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